Monday, August 2, 2010

Eclipse -clean

I am sure most Eclipse users have run into some "funny" (as in, this milk tastes funny, not funny haha) issues from time to time, namely:

Extremely slow start up times.
Unable to open any editor.
A resource already exists on disk when building.

These will probably be more of an issue for users that install a large amount of plugins or products like MyEclipseIDE.

I was having some of the issues I mentioned above, went searching for a bit and found and Eclipse option:

It looks like this tells Eclipse to erase and rebuild it's internal plugin cache which in turn sorts out some versioning / state issues. You only need to run it once so the option can be removed after the workspace restart.

So for MyEclipseIDE I added it to myeclipse.ini just before the -vm option.
Closed and opened Eclipse... and both issues were solved. /cheer

If you are just using standard Eclipse, you can place it in your eclipse.ini


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