Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Spring Gem: ReflectionTestUtils

I have recently been slacking on content on my blog, between long stressful hours at work and to the wonderful toy that is an iPhone, I have taken a little break from anything "development" related after leaving the office to maintain my sanity. Now with the project delivered, and things quieting down again I can re-focus my excess neuron energy back to processing more IT related information.

One little thing I discovered in my last project, which I am a little embarrassed about, being a Spring nut, is the little gem that is : ReflectionTestUtils.

I mostly try write unit tests that do not include Spring, for the reason, that you should be testing your code and not Spring config. However sometimes it's really useful and quite beneficial to have your test code wired up with Spring, be that for integration tests or just to extend your test suite.
One issue was, I always found myself adding "setters" to my component interfaces, I always hated doing it, but I would con myself by saying: "It was for more testing, and more testing is always a good thing", and move along. I eventually (while procrastinating on work I didn't really want to do) went searching for a cleaner solution.

1 search and 1 minute later, a little red faced, I kicked myself. I should have guessed straight away that Spring would have thought of this scenario From 2.5 Spring had the ReflectionTestUtils class, which simply lets you set your dependencies / mocks via reflection.

So easy, tell it which object, the name of the field and set the mock / value you want to set. Neater interfaces, good times.
Below is an example using EasyMock interfaces and inject them for my test.

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