Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NetBeans 6.9 and 6.9.1 find usages not working.

Yesterday I was investigating an issue, during my investigation I started following the code trail, I finally get to a place where the when calling "Find Usages" on a method returns me nothing... I think great... Delete, Delete, Delete... cleaning up unused code always takes me to a happy place, so after this I just check with someone that had originally worked on this bit of functionality which goes a bit pale, stating that there has to be something wrong and that code must run...

I quickly revert back to local history, do the "Find Usages" again, and yip still no reference. We go to the code where we think it should be called... and surprisingly it is there... go delete the code, do a "mvn clean install" and it fails correctly...

Off to Google... "netbeans find usages not working" leads me to the following logged bug: Bug 186314

As I commented there, I installed the latest 6.9.1 version and the issue still occurs.

This is such a nasty bug in my opinion that I will probably have to go back to Eclipse until it is sorted. I have just recently changed teams and have roughly 14000 java files that I know nothing about, life without "Find Usages" will be painful.


  1. Going back to eclipse... A small and inadvertent victory for eclipse in the IDE wars :)

  2. i'm having the same problem with netbeans 6.9.1 and it is indeed making my development life more difficult that it should be. However, I just can't and will not go back to eclipse even though most of my team is using eclipse


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