Sunday, September 9, 2012

Android App : iBoincStats

A while back I did an iOS app iBoincStats which has since been downloaded about 2300 times.

I have recently submitted another tiny game to Apple, and in the doldrums that is the app store approval process I 
set myself a little challenge: download, learn, write and publish iBoincStats for Android be the other application get approved.

I have to give Android full credit, if you are a Java developer, developing for Android is really simple. I tried getting it all
up and running a couple years back, but with the simulator taking 20 minutes+ to start up, I deleted it very quickly. This time with the latest SDK and intelliJ 11 it was just a little slower than the iOS environment and much more usable.

The default "look and feel" on Android really takes a lot more work to make it look as good an iOS app, I didn't really spend
enough time on that.
If anyone actually downloads it, I'll dedicate a little more time to it.

iBoincStats (For Android)

This is a simple stats client to view your BOINC project processing statistics.
Enter your cross project id and access your latest stats.
Some of the popular BOINC projects include:

More information regarding the BOINC project can be found at:
BOINC home
Wikipedia - Berkely Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
Screen Shots:

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