Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pimp your Eclipse, a collection of darker colour schemes

Since my recent disappointment with NetBeans, I figured I would make myself feel a bit better by customizing my Eclipse to almost look a little like one of the themes that come with Netbeans. Now Eclipse doesn't really cater for "Themes", more just colour schemes that you can import. There are 2 basic ways to import bulk settings...

Firstly, make a backup! (I don't wanna be blamed for lost hours :))
To do that in Eclipse, go to File > Export > Preferences and export all the preferences. This will export all your settings so you can quickly roll back.

Now the 2 ways to update (besides changing every setting manually) are:
1. Import.
If you have or download a *.epf file you can import. In Eclipse through File > Import > Preferences.

2. Manual.
The settings for the basic and java editors are stored in the following 2 files:

The problem with the import is that it can contain ALL the settings of the person that exported it, there is no option to only export the UI bits, so I personally prefer the Manual route, but both work fine.

So to begin, my theme, Dark Blue Eclipse:

The 2 perfs files can be downloaded from, and copied the manual way:
Download List

I tried the following theme, and quite liked it, however I did miss blue:
Prabir's Blog

I also came across the following collection of themes and what is nice with the links here is that srand did it the manual way, and the other is a clean *.epf import ( I checked the files, no unrelated settings):
srand's blog
Which actually come from:
Eclipse color themes



Vibrant Ink:


I have not actually tried the following site but it should be very useful if you are looking to create your own colour scheme:
Edwards research Eclipse Gen

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