Sunday, September 9, 2012

Android App : iBoincStats

A while back I did an iOS app iBoincStats which has since been downloaded about 2300 times.

I have recently submitted another tiny game to Apple, and in the doldrums that is the app store approval process I 
set myself a little challenge: download, learn, write and publish iBoincStats for Android be the other application get approved.

I have to give Android full credit, if you are a Java developer, developing for Android is really simple. I tried getting it all
up and running a couple years back, but with the simulator taking 20 minutes+ to start up, I deleted it very quickly. This time with the latest SDK and intelliJ 11 it was just a little slower than the iOS environment and much more usable.

The default "look and feel" on Android really takes a lot more work to make it look as good an iOS app, I didn't really spend
enough time on that.
If anyone actually downloads it, I'll dedicate a little more time to it.

iBoincStats (For Android)

This is a simple stats client to view your BOINC project processing statistics.
Enter your cross project id and access your latest stats.
Some of the popular BOINC projects include:

More information regarding the BOINC project can be found at:
BOINC home
Wikipedia - Berkely Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
Screen Shots:


  1. i came to know more detail about iBoincStats which i was unknown about it.

  2. Hello Brian,
    I recently found your app on Google Play but it seems it doesn't work anymore and has not been updated since 2012.
    If you're not planning to maintain this app, I'm interested in the source code to update it on Google Play, rather than starting over a new one.

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