Thursday, August 2, 2012

sun.* Packages

Came accross this the other day when a coworker used sun.misc.Base64Decoder, something didn't feel right about the package name, but I had no justification on why he shouldn't use it. After a bit of searching I found the following link:
Sun Packages FAQ  

The java.*, javax.* and org.* packages documented in the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition API Specification make up the official, supported, public interface.
 If a Java program directly calls only API in these packages, it will operate on all Java-compatible platforms, regardless of the underlying OS platform.

 The sun.* packages are not part of the supported, public interface. A Java program that directly calls into sun.* packages is not guaranteed to work on all Java-compatible platforms. In fact, such a program is not guaranteed to work even in future versions on the same platform.

Makes obvious sense now, but it was actually something I was not aware of.


  1. Checkstyle verwenden! Warnung bei sun.* Packages ist Standard für den IllegalImport Check ( Man kann Checkstyle Konfigurationen in die IDE laden oder z.B. in Maven Builds als Plugin integrieren. Noch komfortabler wird es mit Sonar ( Auch gleich mit Findbug kombinieren, damit andere typische Programmierfehler erkannt werden.

  2. Ok, my german isnt great, but I do get Checkstyle & Sonar, config, IDE, warning, illegalimport :)
    Yes we do use checkstyle (probably the reason I had not run into the issue before), it just happened that this bit of code wasn't in our standard maven / code setup yet.

  3. I have seen Java with many packages which helpful in developing application.but i don't know more about sun.*.I just came to know from your site.

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