Monday, May 26, 2014

Playing with Java 8 - Lambdas, Paths and Files

I needed to read a whole bunch of files recently and instead of just grabbing my old that I and probably most developers have and then copy from project to project, I decided to have quick look at how else to do it...
Yes, I know there is Commons IO and Google IO, why would I even bother?  They probably do it better, but I wanted to check out the NIO jdk classes and play with lambdas aswell.. and to be honest, I think this actually ended up being a very neat bit of code.

So I had a specific use case:
I wanted to read all the source files from a whole directory tree, line by line.

What this code does, it uses Files.walk to recursively get all the paths from the starting point, it creates a stream, which I then filter to only files that end with the required extension. For each of those files, I use Files.lines to create a stream of Strings, one per line. I trim that, filter out the empty ones and add them to the return collection.
All very concise thanks to the new constructs.


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