Sunday, February 16, 2014

Local Wikipedia with Solr and Spring Data

Continuing with my little AI / Machine Learning research project... I wanted to have a decent sized repo of English text, that was not in a complete mess like a large percentage of data on the internet.  I figured I would try Wikipedia, but what to do with about 40Gb of XML? how do I work / query with all that data. I figured based on recent work implementation where we load something like 200 000 000 records on into a Solr cache, Solr would be the way to go, so the is an example of my basic implementation.

Required for this example:

Wikipedia download (warning it is a 9.9Gb file, extracts to about 42Gb)
Spring Data (Great Blog / Examples on Spring Data:  Petri Kainulainen's blog)

All the code and unit test for this post is on my blog GitHub Repo

When setting up Solr from scratch, you can have a look at Solr's wiki or documentation, their documentation is pretty good. There is also an example of importing Wikipedia here, I started with that and made some minor modifications.

For this specific example the Solr config needed (/conf):
For this example (and in the below config files),
Solr home: /Development/Solr
Index / Data: /Development/Data/solr_data/wikipedia
Import File: /Development/Data/enwiki-latest-pages-articles.xml

The full import into Solr took about 48 hours on my old 2011 i5 iMac and the index on my current setup is about 52Gb.

Data Config for the import:


Solr Config:

The code for this ended up being quite clean, Spring Data - Solr, gives 2 main interfaces SolrIndexService, and SolrCrudRespository, you simply extend / implement these 2, wrap that in a single interface, autowire from a Spring Java context and you good to go.





Next thing for me to look at for sourcing data is Spring Social.


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