Thursday, August 22, 2013

Getting Kivy to run on MacOSX with PyCharm and Virtual Env

Just had a little bit of a struggle getting Kivy to run from my PyCharm IDE, this is how I solved it

My initial Python environment setup was done are follows:

I installed my Python framework via MacPorts.
For Python 3:
sudo port install py33-numpy py33-scipy py33-matplotlib py33-ipython +notebook py33-pandas py33-sympy py33-nose
For Python 2.7:
sudo port install py27-numpy py27-scipy py27-matplotlib py27-ipython +notebook py27-pandas py27-sympy py27-nose

To set your MacPort Python to the default:
For Python 3:
sudo port select --set ipython ipython33
sudo port select --set python python33
For Python 2.7:
sudo port select --set ipython ipython27
sudo port select --set python python27

Adding this to you .profile is probably a good idea when you use MacPorts:
export PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:$PATH

This installs pretty much all the major packages (some of which I could install via PyCharm's package install interface), including cython needed by Kivy.

Then in PyCharm I created a virtual environment, and installed pip onto that. I could install Kivy directly in PyCharm, but it still requires PyGame to actually run.
PyGame I found requires X11 / XQuartz, which is no longer bundled with OSX and can be downloaded from:
Once that is installed.

Run the MacPort mercurial install first else you'll get "The command named 'hg' could not be found"
sudo port install mercurial
Then from the bin of my virtual env I could install pygame:
./pip-2.7 install hg+

After that I could execute my App from the run configurations within PyCharm


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