Tuesday, March 6, 2012

iOS App : iBoincStats

My latest app iBoincStats has just been approved by Apple.  Releasing software (even something this small) is always a rush, it never gets old.

I decided to do an app instead of a game for a change, just to see what the interface builder, XML and "work" type development would be like. It turned out being a lot faster and simpler than I expected. I have also always been a big fan of BOINC, and checking my "stats" for many years now, all the way back before there was a BOINC platform, and it was only the SETI@Home project.
 (An added bonus: unlike games this one it would actually be available on the South African App store as well as the international ones)

During my development career I have never really spent a lot of time designing and developing UIs, I always ended up on the backend side of development projects. So take the next statement in that light:
I think Apple has actually done a pretty good job (after some initial learning frustration) with their interface builder and storyboard shipped with XCode. I sat down and after a good couple of hours of struggling, something eventually clicked and it all finally came together. I restarted my project, copied over the backend code and in literally 15 minutes the storyboard and 3 UIs were done. Awesome.

I had a couple "funnies" while still using XCode 4.2, but just upgraded to 4.3 and those particular issues seem to have been corrected.


This is a simple stats client to view your BOINC project processing statistics.
Enter your cross project id and access your latest stats.
Some of the popular BOINC projects include:

More information regarding the BOINC project can be found at:
BOINC home
Wikipedia - Berkely Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
Screen Shots:


  1. How do you determine your CP ID?

  2. If you log into one of the projects you are running you will probably find it with the account details.

    I checked on Seti@home just now.
    Log in at http://setiathome.berkeley.edu

    Then go to account details, under the Computing and credit section, the Cross-Project ID was there.

  3. Found it. Thanks!

  4. Superb App ! Most used App on my iPhone :)

  5. Seems like my cross project ID is invalid.. ? I pulled mine from seti and a different one from boinc as well. Both say invalid?

    1. Hi Steve, that is odd...
      Are you definitely connected to the internet when it was trying to validate?

      I just doubled checked, I am using my CPID from the seti project so that should definitely work.

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