Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spring 3, Spring Web Services 2 & LDAP Security.

This year started on a good note, another one of those "the deadline won't change" / "skip all the red tape" / "Wild West" type of projects in which I got to figure out and implement some functionality using some relatively new libraries and tech for a change, well Spring 3 ain't new but in the Java 5, weblogic 10(.01), Spring 2.5.6 slow corporate kind of world it is all relative.
Due to general time constraints I am not including too much "fluff" in this post, just the nitty gritty of creating and securing a Spring 3 , Spring WS 2 web service using multiple XSDs and LDAP security.
The Code:

The Service Endpoint: ExampleServiceEndpoint
This is the class that will be exposed as web service using the configuration later in the post. The Code: CustomValidationCallbackHandler

This was my bit of custom code I wrote to extend the AbstactCallbackHandler allowing us to use LDAP. As per the comments in the CallbackHandler below, it's probably a good idea to have a cache manager, something like Hazelcast or Ehcache to cache authenticated users, depending on security / performance considerations.
The Digest Validator below can just be used directly from the Sun library, I was just wanted to see how it worked.

The service config:
The configuration for the Endpoint, CallbackHandler and the LDAP Authentication manager.
The Application Context - Server Side:
The Security Context - Server Side:

The Web XML:
Nothing really special here, just the Spring WS MessageDispatcherServlet.
The client config:
To test or use the service you'll need the following:
The Application Context - Client Side Test:

The Security Context - Client Side:

As usual with Java there can be a couple little nuances when it comes to jars and versions so below is part of the pom I used.
The Dependencies:


  1. Wow, that's a lot of code. Thanks for sharing that.

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    1. Yes, I am wondering, what is the future of Java, if simple ldap needs 10 pages of code in best Java framework...
      Life is too short, learn Python...

    2. Check my last couple posts :) all about me getting into Python... I have to agree, really enjoying the brevity...
      but Java still pays the bills.

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