Monday, May 23, 2011

1 Year and 70 000 views later, the stats...

So it has been just over a year, since my first blog post. Even though the whole work / life thing has kept me overly busy the last couple months, reducing me to 1-2 posts a month, it has been quite a pleasing experience blogging. I would recommend it to all developer types, it's an good way to keep you investigating, learning and having your work out there and visible to people makes you put in that little extra effort.

The actual reason for this post is for some discussion on the stats... There were 1 or 2 interesting percentages I would not have expected.

Views By Country

No big surprise that the US has the most views, this being a English technology based blog, it is however interesting that Germany is second, beating out the UK and India, both with larger populations. South Africa on the list is probably only there because I force my colleagues and friends to read it :)

Views By Browser

With this being an Java-technical-open source oriented blog makes FireFox the obvious choice to lead the browser war. However with Chrome in 2nd by a such large percentage was a bit unexpected.

Views By OS

On OS Windows is still number one. Apple is competing nicely with Linux / Unix combined, this is probably due the large apple following in the US and the boom of the iPad.


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