Monday, July 19, 2010

MyEclipseIDE Maven4MyEclipse Null Pointer bug

I use MyEclipseIDE generally as my main IDE, I recently switched development teams at work, while importing all their existing maven projects with the Maven4MyEclipse plugin into my new workspace I had quite a few of these little annoying popups:

I went and checked the Log:

at com.genuitec.eclipse.maven.project.MyEclipseProjectSupport.findWebRoot (
at com.genuitec.eclipse.maven.project.MyEclipseProjectSupport.configureWebProject (
at com.genuitec.eclipse.maven.project.MyEclipseProjectSupport.configure (
at org.maven.ide.eclipse.project.configurator.AbstractLifecycleMapping.configure (
at org.maven.ide.eclipse.internal.project.GenericLifecycleMapping.configure (
at org.maven.ide.eclipse.internal.project.ProjectConfigurationManager.updateProjectConfiguration (
at org.maven.ide.eclipse.internal.project.ProjectConfigurationManager.updateProjectConfiguration (
at org.maven.ide.eclipse.actions.UpdateSourcesAction$1.runInWorkspace (

So I figure it is moaning about the WebRoot... let me try:

Right click on project go to MyEclipse Menu and Add Web Project Capabilities.

Worked like a charm.

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