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Due to the fact that there are not more hours in a day, and I have absolutely no time remaining to maintain the iOS apps, I have withdrawn them from the App Store until I get a chance to relook / rewrite / redeploy.
IOS Games and Applications:

Shape Down
Full Version (iPhone / iPod Touch):

Free Version(iPhone / iPod Touch):

Word Balls
Free Universal Version - Release Date 28th Jan 2012

This is a simple stats client to view your BOINC project processing statistics.


  1. I always visit your blog everyday to read new topics.

  2. iBoinc Stats is not reading/reporting progress from Boinc servers. iPhone6+, iPad 2, bot using iOS8.1

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  4. Hi Brian, I'm having trouble using the iBoincStats app on the iPhone. For some reason it won't accept/recognise my Cross Project ID. Is there a problem with the app at the mo, or does the issue lie with BOINC/SETI? Many thanks, ed.

    1. Hi, to be completely honest I have not looked at the app in about 3 years now. I unfortunately have way too many things happening... I am hoping to maybe get back to my iOS work in 2016, redo the apps a little bit better this time in Swift.
      There could be many things wrong, if I recall that was written for iOS 5, and has not been recompiled / redeployed since. I should actually remove it from the app store until I have time to look at it again.

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